Draft Environmental Planting ACCU Method Published

The revised environmental planting methodology

The Australian Government has released the draft environmental planting Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) methodology for consultation. The method is intended to replace the 2014 method which will expire at the end of September this year.

According to Viridios Capital’s Nature Based Solutions Project Manager, Julia Ward: “Viridios is engaging in the public consultation on the draft of the new method, anticipated for release by end of the year.”

“While the 2024 method is fundamentally the same as the 2014 method, some changes have been made to make participation easier. One interesting change being that plantings may include climate resilient native species not part of the local vegetation, where it is appropriate for the local area.” 


The proposed changes

Among the proposed changes to the methodology are: 

  • Proponents may now own seeds/seedlings before applying to register a project and can prepare the land for planting between applying to register and registration.

  • Mixed-species environmental plantings may include climate resilient native species not part of the local vegetation provided these species are appropriate for the local area.

  • Proponents can plant both seeds and tube-stock together for linear mixed-species plantings.

  • Fruits, nuts, seeds and leaves from a project can be sold. Only 10% from each tree can be harvested each year. Bark, fallen timber and wood cannot be sold. These restrictions do not impact on traditional Indigenous practices or Native Title Rights.

  • For projects using a specific FullCAM calibration, fertiliser use is allowed during the first 12 months of planting.

  • Infill planting rules are included.

  • Proponents must use the FullCAM version in force at the end of each reporting period.

For further information check out the Explanatory Statement, the Draft Simple Method Guide and the Draft FullCAM Guidelines. The public comment period is open until 15 July 2024. 


Looking to develop an environmental planting project? 

If you’re looking to develop your own environmental planting project under ACCU methodology, contact our origination team.