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CARBEX Carbon Credit Indices

Provided by S&P Platts. Powered by Viridios AI

The CARBEX indices bring pricing transparency to voluntary carbon credits through six unique CARBEX indices:

1. Household Devices CARBEX

includes cookstoves and water purification projects. It is focused on sustainable development within individual communities by upgrading basic needs with cleaner alternatives

2. Soil CARBEX

includes regenerative farming involving a range of activities from residue and nutrient management (mulching, composting, cover crops, etc) to agronomic practices (no-till/low-till, crop rotation, agroforestry, etc.) resulting in the increased sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere and the development of soil organic carbon

3. Eco Create CARBEX

Includes reforestation, afforestation and wetlands restoration as projects focused on carbon sequestration

4. Eco Create CARBEX Biodiverse

Like Eco Create, projects are focused on carbon sequestration but also include critical additional SDGs protecting biodiversity on both land and in water

5. Eco Protect CARBEX

Includes REDD/REDD+ projects that focus on avoiding deforestation and forest degradation

6. Eco Protect CARBEX Social

Like Eco Protect, projects focus on avoiding deforestation and forest degradation, but also meet additional Sustainable Development Goals including 1, 4, 5 and 6