Viridios Capital

What We Do


We develop and deploy AI to properly value, structure,
and originate emissions offsets and sustainable development assets,
facilitating the flow of investment into sustainable development
and investor returns. Visit for more details.

Our Technology Innovation

Currently none of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) carry a transparent market value, apart from SDG 13 which relates to carbon and the climate. This is a major obstacle for the flow of large-scale capital toward climate and sustainable development investments and assets, ultimately making it a major challenge for the achievement of the 2030 Goals.

Our subsidiary, Viridios AI, solves this problem through Artificial Intelligence (AI) models trained with unique datasets in the climate and sustainability markets. Viridios AI models offer clients fair valuation of complex climate and sustainability assets, as well as risk management functionality, that establish the transparency and efficiency required to remove some of the obstacles on capital allocation into these markets.