Viridios Capital

Why We Do What We Do

Because the world is at a turning point and awakening to climate and sustainability
as key financial, and even existential, risks.

Because our expertise makes us uniquely positioned to produce transparent pricing
and fair valuation of environmental assets needed to unlock value
from climate and sustainability investments.

Because the opportunities in value appreciation of sustainable development assets
align perfectly with our passion for people and planet,
making it the most exciting asset class to invest in.

Our Mission

In 2015, after decades of work that could be traced back to the Rio Earth Summit, the United Nations adopted the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. The agenda outlined a set of 17 goals the UN’s member states would use to frame their political, social, economic and environmental policies.

Collectively, these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined a blueprint for a multi-stakeholder partnership between government, the private sector, and civil society, to address the root causes of poverty and inequality, improve health care and education, and tackle the climate emergency.

Our mission is to inspire environmental and social consciousness amongst investors and corporations alike, not simply with anecdotal evidence of climate change, but by demonstrating financial returns through the allocation of investment capital, and through innovation on financial technology as well as the new financial instruments needed to drive capital toward the achievement of the Goals.