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Asset Management

Investing in carbon markets

We help our wholesale investors access carbon as an asset class through an IMA or the VT Carbon Fund.

As the world strives to achieve its 2030 and 2050 net-zero targets, carbon is emerging as a must-have asset class. Viridios can help you access carbon as an asset for investment purposes.

Whether you’re looking for portfolio diversification or a climate hedge to traditional debt & equity exposures, our asset management team can help you meet your net-zero targets.


Carbon Specialist

Developing your portfolio

We provide access to a diversified, global portfolio of high-quality verified carbon credits through a number of asset management solutions, including:

As a manager of carbon portfolios, we source and conduct due diligence on carbon projects to meet our client’s requirements. We believe that dynamic management of a diversified portfolio of carbon market assets reduces idiosyncratic risk while delivering value to our clients. 


As we head towards 2030, we believe the demand for high-quality carbon projects and the credits they generate will continue to increase. We also believe that the supply of high quality carbon credits is limited and developing new carbon projects takes time, especially in nature-based solutions. 


Given the expected demand-supply imbalance and the diverse opportunities provided by a variety of carbon projects, carbon markets currently provide a compelling value proposition.  


As an active participant in carbon markets, Viridios is uniquely placed to work with you to help design customised portfolio-based access to the carbon markets.

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