Carbon market expertise

We are an integral player across compliance and voluntary carbon markets, providing financial and advisory services to wholesale clients.

There is no such thing as a standardised carbon credit, as no two projects are the same. Each carbon credit has its own distinct characteristics. This is where our experience stands out from the crowd.

Our structuring and corporate solutions teams work with wholesale clients to provide execution and registry services, as well as access to forward offtake purchase agreements or structured notes.

We help to unlock value for our clients, the credits generated from the projects we support consistently trade above market benchmarks.


Carbon Specialist

Integrated carbon market services

Our voluntary carbon market (VCM) trading infrastructure is designed to save clients time and resources. From assisting with buying and registry management to retiring, selling and transferring credits to monitoring, valuation and reporting, we offer an integrated service for our VCM clients.

Through our advisory team, clients can access analysis and expertise to help them navigate the complexities of the VCM. From policies and regulatory changes to frameworks, methodologies and demand-supply drivers, our carbon market specialists can work with you to achieve your ESG and net-zero goals.

Client Case Studies

We work with a broad range of companies across various industries to help meet their carbon market requirements.

  • Offset requirement
A global multinational required approximately 3Mt of offsets for their future investment and operational strategy.  They sought to access credits that were strictly in line with target UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), integrity principles and aligned with their strategy to invest in high quality projects in communities relative to their operations.
  • Approach
Through Viridios’ pipeline of diverse high quality and reputable projects across regions applying a procurement process that has a disciplined approach to due diligence; we collaborated with our global network of developers.  We proposed a sourcing and supply strategy that focussed on high levels of carbon integrity as well as community and biodiversity benefits.
  • Result
We were able to quickly provide a comprehensive proposal that outlined the projects with their credentials.  The transaction was executed quickly and provided our client with a flexible portfolio of high-quality carbon offsets that met their specific requirements.
  • Offset requirement
A mining client in a regulated market required offset credits in a very short space of time to meet their regulatory obligations by a set date. 
  • Approach
Viridios assisted our client in understanding the regulatory landscape and liaised with the Regulator on behalf of the client to provide transparency and legitimacy in the process to ensure conformance throughout the process.
  • Result
We were able to fulfil the offset requirements within the client’s budget and successfully manage the transition of conformance with the regulatory body on our client’s behalf within the tight timeframes.
  • Requirement
A mining client who operates in a regulated market sought approximately 200k t of high-quality offset credits in a very tight timeframe.  We were exclusively engaged to supply the portfolio through our relationship that was built on transparency, trust and commercial aptitude inclusive of a distinct understanding of their requirement for high quality, co-benefit supported credits.  There were strict due diligence criteria we had assisted the client in developing to ensure their corporate sustainability and stakeholder responsibility goals were supported.
  • Approach
We utilised our extensive industry network to fulfil the order.  Viridios ensured a rigorous due diligence around quality requirements was applied and sourcing was executed in line with the qualitative objectives required by our client.
  • Result

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