Our origination strategy

We invest in high quality projects across a range of types and methodologies. From technology projects to nature-based solutions, we focus on projects that deliver innovative approaches to addressing climate change and biodiversity loss, while helping to ensure equity and a just energy transition.

To date, our focus has been on greenhouse gas avoidance and removal projects such as REDD+, blue carbon, soil carbon and biochar.

Through our longstanding relationships with credible project developers and organisations such as Wildlife Works, we originate long-term carbon offtake agreements around the world.

Our knowledge and expertise in voluntary carbon markets (VCM) has seen us invest in a diverse range of carbon projects. 


Carbon Specialist



Waterhouse River Carbon Project (Conways Station)

Conways Station in the Northern Territory

Ground Truth Project in Australia

The Ground Truth Project

Stringent due diligence

By doing our due diligence and investing in HeadCos and projects, we are able to align the developers interests with the end-buyers.

Our stringent due diligence process helps ensure quality, integrity and transparency. We also have well established processes to ensure efficient approvals. 

Our due diligence process

Before we invest in a carbon project, we conduct an extensive due diligence process to verify the integrity of the developers, the methodology being used, the co-benefits being delivered and the carbon reduction impact. 

We do this to help ensure the stated decarbonisation and community activities are delivering measurable outcomes for the climate and the people in the project area.

After we invest in a carbon project, we continue to monitor its performance using a range of tools including site visits, third party audit reports and satellite imaging.

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