Mexico Blue Carbon Project

Project Overview

The carbon credits are made from methane avoidance. The collection of sargassum seaweed avoids emissions from the decomposition and is used for beneficial products. Create new carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS). Offering a path away from oil and toxic raw materials. It also creates reliable jobs for Mexico and Caribbean communities. The Project activities are the seaweed blooms, fed by nitrogen from agriculture, wash up on beaches and will be collected for drying.


Step one involves squeezing the arsenic out of the seaweed through proprietary filtration. The remaining product can then be used as a biostimulant for crops. Giving them a stronger immune system, greater yield and can protect against droughts. Step two involves a seaweed emulsifier. This method takes the pulp directly from the seaweed and runs it through an emulsifier creating petrochemical based products and displacing the need for palm oil products. Carbonwave is a public benefit corporation and one of the few global companies researching and developing plant-based materials from the most common tropical brown seaweed. 

Project Location and Biodiversity

With operations in Mexico and Puerto Rico Carbonwave projects utilise Blue Carbon principles by collecting and processing sargassum. The initiative will prevent the sargassum from being landfilled, which causes substantial methane emissions.


This is a first-of-its-kind project that would reduce both methane emissions from decomposing biomass, as well as displace the production of more carbon-intensive products, such as petroleum-based plastics

Standard and Accreditation

Gold Standard sargassum methodology.

Sustainable Development Goals

This project will also help solve a major problem in the Caribbean and creates 60-100 jobs per facility. It also reduces methane emissions from decomposing biomass and displaces the production of more carbon-intensive products, such as petroleum-based plastics while at the same time helping to reduce the impact from the excessive growth of sargassum on the local communities and the tourist industry.

Carbon Credits

Viridios Capital has access to a significant allocation of Carbon Wave carbon credits. Contact our Corporate Solutions team to learn more.



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