Why map your carbon footprint

Map your carbon footprint to work out the impact your operations, products and services are having on the environment.

In doing so you can identify areas to reduce your carbon emissions and offset activities you are unable to decarbonise.


Pangolin Associates, which is part of the Viridios Group of companies, works with a wide range of organisations to help them map their emissions and is one organisation who can assist you. 

Manage your carbon footprint

The Pangolin Associates team can help you tackle your carbon emissions and work with you to achieve your:

  • Net zero goals 
  • Science Based Targets (SBT)
  • Embodied Carbon Emissions 

  • Carbon offsetting requirements 

  • Climate Active certification 

Types of carbon management approaches

Pangolin Associates can help you with a range of carbon management approaches across Australian and international schemes, standards and methodologies. These include:

  • Life Cycle Assessment 

  • Climate Active and Carbon Neutrality

  • Embodied Carbon Services

  • Greenhouse Gas Assessment (Carbon Footprints)

Meet carbon reporting requirements

The Pangolin Associates team can help you with a number of carbon reporting requirements including:

  • Mandatory Climate Reporting (MCR)

  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER)
  • Safeguard Mechanism

Offset your carbon emissions

After you have mapped your emissions footprint, you may find you have hard to abate emissions.

Solutions can include: 


  • Carbon offsetting strategy


  • Buying carbon credits


  • Understanding carbon projects and carbon credit prices


To learn more, contact Viridios Capital, a Viridios Group company.