Construction worker

Decarbonising the construction sector

Decarbonising the construction industry will be critical in helping Australia and the world meet its climate targets.

With the construction industry accounting for 37% of global emissions, it is vital that industry embraces decarbonisation activities such as green steel and low carbon cement, together with offsets for hard to abate emissions. 

If you’re looking to explore offsetting your emissions, our corporate solutions team can work with you to source carbon credits that align with your sustainability and ESG requirements.

Climate Active and construction

For those organisations seeking to voluntarily offset their emissions, the Federal Government’s Climate Active certification is a great place to start.

Climate Active provides best-practice guidance on how to measure, reduce and report emissions data for buildings.


Through Climate Active, buildings can work to achieve carbon neutral certification through:  


  • NABERS Energy’s protocol and relevant guidance. 
  • Green Star’s performance submission guidelines and guides.


No matter where you are on your decarbonisation journey, our carbon market specialists can work with you to help you understand the landscape as you seek to achieve your  sustainability goals.


Offset hard to abate emissions in the construction industry

After taking steps to decarbonise your construction activities, you might still have hard to abate emissions that need to be offset.

Our corporate solutions team can help you source carbon credits that align with your organisation’s goals.