Viridios Capital

Executive Team

Eddie Listorti
Chief Executive Officer
Geoff Clear
Chief Operating Officer
Domenic Carratu
Senior Portfolio Manager
Marcus Nettelton
General Counsel & Head of Compliance
Kylie Macintosh
Head of Investor Relations, Marketing and Communications
Andrew Glass
Head of Sales and Partnerships
Anna Wan
Financial Controller
Florian Wolf
Head of Strategy & Development
Emily Cunich
Company Secretary and Australian Head of Compliance
Tiffany Potter
Head of Origination - Americas
Samantha Hever
Operations Manager
Francis Hasek
Head of Structuring (APAC)
Tom Godfrey
Head of Marketing and Communication
Sarah Costello
Head of Origination (Australia)
Anna Ozga
Head of Corporate Solutions & Research (APAC)
Sharon Pettiona
Head of Human Resources
Sriram Natarajan
Head of Corporate Solutions
Aidan Hall
Corporate Solutions
Martin Newson
CEO of VT Carbon Partners
Craig Marcum
Corporate Solutions - America

Advisory Board

Doris Honold
Mike Korchinsky
Cristina Talacko