Viridios Submission to the Safeguard Mechanism Reform Consultation

Get In Touch Viridios Capital welcomes consultation on the Safeguard Mechanism. The Safeguard Mechanism framework can be a meaningful lever supporting Australia in achieving its 2030 and 2050 climate targets. However, in order to support Australia on its trajectory towards a 43 percent reduction by 2030, the Safeguard Mechanism baselines need to be reset, tightened […]

Verra publishes draft consolidated REDD methodology

Following years of consultation and technical reviews, international standards’ setter, Verra, has published the draft consolidated REDD methodology designed to help ensure the quality and integrity of forest carbon credits.

The European Union Emissions Trading System

The European Union (EU) Parliament approved legislation designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. Under the reforms:

Blue Carbon Guide

Blue carbon is the term used to describe carbon that is stored by our oceans and coastal ecosystems in algae, seagrasses, macroalgae, mangroves, salt marshes and other plants in coastal wetlands.

Carbon Market Reforms are Generally Positive

On Monday 9 January, the Australian Government published the long-awaited Chubb Review of the Australian Carbon Credits Scheme. So named after the key author, Professor Ian Chubb, formerly Australia’s Chief Scientist. 

Chubb Review Findings

In its final report released today, an independent review panel looking at Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) has found that “the scheme was fundamentally well-designed when introduced”.

Viridios Welcomes Chubb Review Recommendations

SYDNEY – Viridios Group (“Viridios”) has welcomed the release of the Final Report from the Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credits, which has found the scheme is fundamentally well-designed.