Viridios Capital

We facilitate investment in the UN Sustainable Development Goals,
and deliver robust returns for our investors.

Because the world is at a turning point and awakening to climate and sustainability
as key financial, and even existential, risks.

Because our expertise makes us uniquely positioned to produce transparent pricing
and fair valuation of environmental assets needed to unlock value
from climate and sustainability investments.

Because the opportunities in value appreciation of sustainable development assets
align perfectly with our passion for people and planet,
making it the most exciting asset class to invest in.

What We Do
Asset Management
We allocate investment capital, for absolute returns, to carbon finance projects in primary and secondary markets that champion co-benefits in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Capital Markets
We provide structuring and advisory on sustainable development assets, ESG facilitation, carbon credit portfolio and registry management, and carbon offset project origination.
We develop and deploy AI to properly value, structure, and originate emissions offsets and sustainable development assets, facilitating the flow of investment into sustainable development and investor returns.
Eddie Listorti
Geoff Clear
Domenic Carratu
Marcus Nettelton
Kylie Macintosh
Andrew Glass
Anna Wan
Doris Honold
Mike Korchinsky
Cristina Talacko
Florian Wolf
Emily Cunich
Tiffany Potter
Samantha Hever
Francis Hasek
Tom Godfrey
Sarah Costello
Anna Ozga
Sharon Pettiona
Sriram Natarajan
Aidan Hall
Martin Newson
Evan Deutsch

We have a deep bench of expertise
in a rare combination of skills
across the finance, technology,
and sustainable development fields.