Conways Station in Australia

AU$20 million Project Investment

1Mt CO2-e

Beswick (Wulgala) People / Communities Impacted

Project Overview

Conways Station is a cattle station in the Northern Territory, around 2 hours South of Katherine. The property spans approximately 156,000 hectares and borders Arnhem Land. The property was purchased by Viridios Capital and WealthCheck in October 2023 with the intention of developing a carbon project under the Human Induce Regeneration (HIR) Australian Carbon Credit Methodology (ACCU) methodology. After years of overgrazing under the pervious owners, the land is degraded and presents a significant opportunity to implement sustainable cattle grazing practices including fencing, water points and fire breaks. There is also a significant opportunity to engage with local indigenous communities to further improve land management practice and, at the same time, deliver indigenous co-benefits.



Sub-Saharan Africa – Cookstoves Project

Nearly 2.4 billion people cook their meals using inefficient three-stone fires, typically three-stone fires that burn solid biomass fuels, like wood & charcoal.

Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project in Democratic Republic of Congo

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